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Evermore Orlando Resort Logo

Evermore Resort

Our team was privileged to work from the ground up on Evermore Resort in Orlando, offering a comprehensive suite of electronic security solutions. This new resort project saw the design and installation of an American Dynamics Victor with video edge Surveillance system integrated with the Software House CCURE card access and alarm monitoring.

We took an all-encompassing approach to security by ensuring surveillance cameras covered every corner of the resort, from the guest rooms to the lush green exteriors, including the renowned brand new CONRAD Hotel by Hilton. Our innovative systems provide a seamless guest experience without compromising on security and privacy.

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Gaylord Hotel FL logo

Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center

We have had the pleasure of working with the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center for several years, providing comprehensive security solutions that help keep their property and guests safe. In 2017, we replaced the failing Bosch head end with an American Dynamics Victor Video Edge system, installing nine video edge servers, a Victor application server, 10 Victor client PCs, and 34 network switches, among other equipment.

Over the years, we have continued to expand and upgrade their surveillance system, replacing analog cameras with Illustra and Axis HD IP cameras and installing new surveillance cameras in expansion areas such as the hotel, convention center, and lazy river. Ask us for references!

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Our work has helped Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center maintain a robust and reliable security system that now boasts over 800 cameras.

Hyatt Regency logo

Hyatt Regency Atlanta

We have been providing comprehensive security solutions to the Hyatt Regency Atlanta for over 20 years, taking their surveillance system from a 32-camera analog-only system with VHS tapes to a fully digital IP surveillance system with over 150 cameras.

We have also maintained the integrated duress alarm system and multiple electronic locks and access control, providing a complete security solution that meets the hotel's needs. We are proud to provide references upon request.

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Google Logo

1105 W. Peachtree Street, Atlanta

We spearheaded a complex system separation and improvement task at 1105 W. Peachtree Street in Atlanta, a multifaceted entity comprising an office building, the Epicurean Hotel, and a Condominium association. Our role involved not only separating and optimizing the initial security systems but also troubleshooting and remedying issues from the original installation. The project also included an expansion of surveillance in the office premises with the addition of servers and state-of-the-art 4K Illustra Pro cameras in the parking garage.

Leveraging advanced analytics, we could classify objects and monitor activity in the garage. With the strategic placement of hundreds of AXIS P Series and Illustra Pro panoramic cameras, we enhanced the exterior coverage of the buildings. The entire setup is harmoniously integrated into the American Dynamics Victor/Video Edge system, unified with Software House CCURE 9000 Card Access Control, delivering a robust and reliable security solution.

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Disney swan, dolphin, & reserve

Disney Swan, Dolphin, and Reserve

We are honored to have worked with Disney to help ensure the safety and security of their guests and property.

Our work at the Swan, Dolphin, and Reserve properties has included replacing a failing video management system, expanding camera capacity, upgrading cameras with Illustra and Axis HD technology, and installing cameras in all elevator cars as part of an elevator upgrade. Our expertise and attention to detail have earned us praise from our clients. References available upon request.

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Marriott Atlanta Marquis

Marriott Atlanta Marquis

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Marriott Atlanta Marquis in 2016 to replace their failing analog surveillance system with over 150 Axis cameras.

Since then, we have maintained the system and provided service as needed, ensuring the hotel's continued safety and security. The director of Security at Marriott can attest to the quality of our work and our commitment to our clients. Contact us today for references.

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Grande Lakes Orlando JW Marriott the Ritz Carlton logos

Grande Lakes Orlando Resort

At the Grande Lakes Orlando Resort, we worked closely with the property to replace their failing VMS with a Victor Video Edge system in 2016. We have since been working with the property on a graduated basis to replace all analog cameras on the property and expand the system.

Our ongoing monthly agreement to maintain the system has helped ensure its reliability and effectiveness, earning us high praise from the Director at Marriott.

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Cinespace Atlanta

We had the opportunity to participate in an exciting expansion project at Cinespace Studios in Atlanta. First-class 35-acre campus with 357,000 square feet of production space including three brand new 20,000 square purpose-built sound stages, production offices, and post-production facilities.

Our role involved the overhaul of the existing card access and surveillance systems at the studio. For this endeavor, we chose the GENETEC Security Center, a unified platform that offers ease of use without compromising security efficiency.

The project saw the addition of new AXIS Dome and Panoramic cameras to the existing system, along with multiple access control doors and two new vehicle gates. The result was an integrated, efficient security system that meets the unique requirements of a busy film studio while maintaining the ease of operations.

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