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Disney Swan, Dolphin, and Reserve

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Disney swan, dolphin, & reserve


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Disney Swan, Dolphin, and Reserve

Advanced Camera Technology

Upgraded cameras with Illustra and Axis HD technology for enhanced surveillance capabilities.

System Replacement and Expansion

Replaced failing video management system and expanded camera capacity for comprehensive coverage.

Elevator Surveillance Enhancement

Installed cameras in all elevator cars as part of an upgrade, ensuring heightened safety measures.

Client Satisfaction

Praised by Disney for our expertise and attention to detail, with references available upon request.

Project Overview

Disney Swan, Dolphin, and Reserve

We are proud to have partnered with Disney to enhance the safety and protection of their guests and premises.

Our collaboration with the Swan, Dolphin, and Reserve properties involved several crucial tasks. Firstly, we addressed issues with a video management system that was not performing adequately, ensuring a smoother and more reliable operation. Additionally, we bolstered the camera network by increasing its capacity, thereby enhancing surveillance coverage across the properties. We also upgraded existing cameras with state-of-the-art Illustra and Axis HD technology, improving image quality and overall performance.

Furthermore, as part of an elevator upgrade initiative, we installed cameras within all elevator cars. This measure contributes significantly to the overall security infrastructure, providing added monitoring capabilities in key areas of the properties.

Our meticulous approach and expertise have garnered commendations from our clients. Should you require references, please feel free to request them.

Projects resorts hotel security cctv access control data cablingProjects resorts hotel security cctv access controls