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As a commercial or industrial business, you understand the need for video surveillance at your company’s building. There are a wide variety of CCTV camera security systems on the market. It may be daunting to try and choose the best system to fit your company’s specific needs. 

At TTD Security Systems, we take the hassle out of choosing. Our team of professionals will walk you through the process from the beginning so you know exactly what custom package your business needs. Below, we’ll detail more about video surveillance and the many benefits your business will receive with CCTV systems.

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What Is Video Surveillance?

Video surveillance is a security measure used by businesses and individuals to monitor and protect their assets. A video surveillance system usually consists of video cameras, monitors, and recorders. When used together, these devices create a video surveillance system that monitors the happenings at a specific location.

Video surveillance is a way to deter improper or illegal activity. Many companies have cameras in plain sight so people know they are recorded. In the event of a break-in or theft, video surveillance is a great piece of evidence to give to law enforcement.

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At TTD Security Systems, we create the security package that best fits your needs. When choosing CCTV cameras, you probably wonder if you need the traditional type or a digital recorder. We’ll highlight the most popular types of camera systems below:

HD IP Digital Surveillance
Hybrid Surveillance System
HD IP Digital Surveillance

Digital surveillance cameras are quickly becoming the most preferred form of video surveillance. These cameras offer the highest resolution imaging with great features. Users can access video streams from a remote or mobile device. The digital surveillance equipment at TTD Security Systems offers a wide-range of features, including:

  >  Facial recognition
  >  License plate recognition
  >  Deep learning
  >  Artificial intelligence
  >  Missing or lost object detection
  >  Crowd formation
  >  Cross line detection

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Hybrid Surveillance System

A hybrid system is one that combines analog and digital devices to create a secure network. This is a popular option with businesses because it allows them to keep the familiar devices they know while slowly transitioning to the digital environment.

A hybrid system allows users to view recordings from an analog camera and footage from a digital device in one location. The migration to a fully digital option will slowly happen over time, giving everyone in the company time to adjust.

Video surveillance and CCTV security systems

Benefits of CCTV Security Systems

You’re probably wondering what the benefits of these security systems are. While they provide you with peace of mind and protection, the systems also have a lot of great features. These features make security and monitoring a breeze. Check them out below:

  • HD Quality

    HD-quality video footage gives you a clear picture every time. Whether the cameras are indoors or outdoors, you get the best possible recordings with high-quality detail. This is great in case of an emergency or if you need to review footage to see an event that happened.


    No matter where you are, you can access existing or live videos. This enables you to view current happenings or past events in detail. And don’t worry if you’ll miss something, our custom systems can be set up to notify you of any occurrences.

    Multiple Locations

    Do you have more than one building? Or do you need to monitor several locations within an area? With our easy-to-use centralized platform, you can easily access surveillance from all your properties on one dashboard. This feature makes it simple to manage security at several locations and helps you quickly identify risks.

  • Lower Insurance Premiums

    Did you know that a surveillance system may help lower your insurance premiums? Companies with security systems are more protected than those without, meaning they are a lower risk to insurance companies. The benefits of a CCTV system ripple across your entire organization.

    Enhanced Safety

    Your business, your assets, your intellectual property, and your employees are all safer with a security system. Many people automatically feel more at ease when they know a facility has video surveillance. You can ease the minds of employees and customers alike with a surveillance system.

    Improved Operations & Productivity

    No matter where you are, you can access existing or live videos. This enables you to view current happenings or past events in detail. And don’t worry if you’ll miss something, our custom systems can be set up to notify you of any occurrences.

  • Reduced Theft or Fraud

    Internal theft is one of the biggest areas of loss for businesses. With video surveillance, you can deter this from happening at your business. When employees know they are being recorded, the temptation to steal is much less appealing. For those employees that can’t help themselves, you have recorded evidence available for law enforcement.

    Real-Time Monitoring

    In case of an emergency, you have real-time monitoring available. This allows you to see exactly what is happening at your property so you can make the necessary decisions. Some of our systems have integrated software that automatically dispatches police if the alarms are not marked as false.

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What Equipment Is Included in a Video Surveillance System?

Security Cameras

The most obvious piece of equipment is the cameras. Whether you go fully digital or take a hybrid approach, you must have cameras placed throughout your property. These are the core devices that provide footage for the other aspects of the system. The number of cameras needed is determined by the size of the organization and the level of security you are looking for.

You can choose from digital video recorders (DVRs) or network video recorders (NVRs). While both video recordings have the same result, the NVRs are generally the best option for most companies due to their high compatibility and image resolution.


What are security cameras without monitors? The monitors are used to watch live footage or review playbacks. While most companies have specific monitors on-site to review footage, there are many options available today. Most systems have a remote or mobile option that allows you to review from anywhere in the world.

Surveillance Software

The video surveillance software is what tells your cameras what to do. This is the software used to set timers, manage camera settings, and review video analytics. It is the key driver in successfully managing your video surveillance system.

Display Signs

Of course, any security system comes with display signs to showcase on your property. This quickly lets potential intruders know they are being filmed. And puts your customers at ease when they realize the building has this safety feature.

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Your safety is our number one priority at TTD Security Systems. We hope you’ll consider allowing us to design the perfect security system for your business that will last for years to come. We’ll let the following speak for itself:

Professionalism & Experience

Founded in 2001, TTD Security has years of successful experience in installing and managing commercial and industrial video surveillance systems.

Custom Security Solutions

We offer customized packages to fit your business’s needs. Our rates are competitive in the industry. In fact, if you receive a quote from another company, we’ll match or beat it! Our focus is maintaining your company’s safety while meeting the needs of all budget sizes.

Customer-First Approach

TTD Security Systems’s customer-first approach means your satisfaction is our number one priority. We offer services for as long as you need them with no minimum contract terms.

Fair Pricing

Our rates are competitive in the industry. In fact, if you receive a quote from another company, we’ll match or beat it! Our focus is maintaining your company’s safety while meeting the needs of all budget sizes.

End-to-End Project Management

Our team of dedicated professionals will take the lead from the beginning so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our end-to-end project management means we design, install, manage, and maintain your security systems for as long as you want.

Fast, On-Call Service

We understand that every minute matters when it comes to your facility's security. That's why we're there if your system goes down or experiences issues. Our team is available on short notice and is always a call away, so you don't have to worry about a lapse in coverage or potential threats.

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