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Do you need a professional team to install and maintain your commercial security systems? From access control to surveillance, TTD Security Systems has the services your business needs.

Our unique approach to helping customers allows them to build custom solutions. We do so while staying within their budgets. Allow our team to take control of the project and your security system so you can focus on more critical, revenue-generating activities. Read more about how our services can benefit your business.

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What's included in Commercial Security Systems?

Nationwide Security Solutions

From access control to surveillance, TTD Security Systems has the services your business needs. Part of your package may include the following:

Video & CCTV
Access Control
Fiber Cabling
Perimeter Security
CCTV & Video Surveillance

As an early adopter of IP and HD video surveillance, TTD Security Systems has been an industry provider for over 10 years. Our digital IP surveillance system is industry-leading software. It will make you feel safe and confident in your building’s security.

Digital IP surveillance cameras offer high resolution with clear imaging. You can easily access these cameras from a remote or mobile location. Other key features include:

  >  Facial recognition
  >  License plate recognition
  >  Missing or lost object identification
  >  Deep learning
  >  Artificial intelligence
  >  Crowd formation
  >  Cross line detection

You also have the option of using a hybrid system. This combines traditional and digital surveillance cameras into one integrated system. This makes it easier than ever to manage your security system.

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Card Access / Keypad

The card access system at TTD Security Systems is one of the top systems in the industry. Our smart technology reads cards to either allow or deny entry. When using our systems, you can easily integrate them with other technologies, such as facial readers and badging software. This means you record both visual and electronic verification of all entrants to your building.

All transactions are recorded in the centralized database for an indefinite amount of time. This gives you long-term documentation for any potential situations. You can use these card access systems for cabinets, doors, gates, elevators, and asset tracking.

Biometric Access Control Systems

TTD Security Systems offers biometric access control systems to prevent unauthorized visitors and intruders. Our biometric readers scan retinas, fingerprints, or hands to allow or deny visitors.

You can easily customize this for different areas inside and outside the property. The database records all transactions in case of an emergency. Plus, you can easily add or remove members within the system.

This type of system controls who enters your property, increasing the level of security.

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Data and Fiber Cabling

At TTD Security Systems, we work with the industry’s top manufacturers to offer data cabling, testing, and certification up to level 8. Data cabling manufacturers we partner with include:

  >  CSI
  >  Commscope
  >  General Cable
  >  Leviton
  >  Panduit
  >  Belden

An employer of FOA-certified technicians, we also install, terminate, splice, service, and test fiber optic cables.

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Intrusion & Perimeter Security

When you combine the features listed in this section, you develop a system that will quickly alert you to intrusions. Cameras, intercoms, and card access readers will make it a hard task to burglarize your building.

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What Are Commercial Security Systems?

Benefits of Our Monitored Commercial Security Systems

Commercial security systems keep intruders out of your business. This is through security cameras and alarms. These systems are designed to give you a look into your building at any time with real-time surveillance and monitoring. Commercial security systems include several different technologies, including:

  >  Smart technologies
  >  Fire alarms
  >  Life safety kits
  >  Keycard access control
  >  Intercoms
  >  Much more

Every business has its own unique needs. The type of commercial security system for your business may not be what’s best for the one next door. Contacting TTD Security Systems will help you learn more about your options and get a customized breakdown of how to protect your business.

business is burglarized every 10 seconds, costing companies millions of dollars a year in losses. With a monitored system, you can ensure your business isn’t one of them.

A monitored commercial security system has professionals available to assess your security systems at all times. They can alert your security team or emergency responders in case of a burglary, fire, or other situation. There are many benefits to using a monitored security system, including the following:

TTD Security Cameras CCTV Installation and Repair
Fast Response Times

Did you know that most alarms are false? Or that businesses can be fined for too many false alarm calls to the police?

False alarms waste everyone’s time and are a hassle to deal with. Using a monitored commercial security system benefits all involved. You make sure your team (and emergency responders) are only called when a true emergency is happening. With our monitored services, you can quickly verify it is a true emergency to save your business from hefty losses.

Remote Control and Monitoring

You can have peace of mind when away from the office with remote monitoring. You can quickly view your building. And our 24/7 monitored system will alert you of any triggered alarms.

Stop Theft and Intruders

Businesses, are often the targets of theft. This can cause a lot of damage and serious losses for most organizations. With a monitored security system, you could have surveillance set up to alert you of an intrusion. The system will also capture video evidence to provide to police.

Control Access to Your Building

Many companies need to control which employees have access to certain materials or offices. With a monitored security system, you can install access control cards or a biometric system. These systems allow you to quickly enable or revoke access for all your employees. This keeps your intellectual property safe with detailed records in case of future incidents.

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How Much Do Security Systems Cost?

Custom Security Solutions
Card access control systems with TTD Security

The cost of a commercial security system will vary by client. There are a few different factors that play into the cost, including the type of service you want. It also considers how advanced your system is and how large the building(s) are.

The price is invaluable when you consider the sense of safety you and your team will have. Plus, it’s been proven that installing a top-quality security system results in employee productivity and morale. Not to mention businesses with security systems can negotiate lower insurance rates and are more attractive to customers.

If you want to discuss the cost of installing a commercial security system, TTD Security Systems is here to assist. Call us at your convenience to discuss your options.

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