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When it comes to your business’s safety, you may wonder what the best course of action is. How can you protect both internal and external assets at a commercial property? Call (678) 929-1719 to learn more from our security specialists. 

The most comprehensive solution is the installation of an access control system. Access control gives you peace of mind regarding protecting your inventory, facility, and team. Read more about the many benefits of a building access control system below.

  • Monitor Access Points On-Site or Remotely
  • Biometric, RFID, & Other Secure Entry Methods
  • Set Individual Access Permissions 

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How to choose the right access control system

The Future of Access Security is Here

An access control security solution generally comprises several different elements. For example, a company may have card access to the building to prevent unwanted visitors. That same company may also have biometric readers for areas with highly confidential or sensitive information that only selected employees will have access to. There are a few aspects that are key when choosing a system, outlined below:

Simplified Access Management

Our easy-to-use platform allows you to quickly manage access to your facility. So you can turn off access for an employee or guest, or update the access options for a newly promoted worker. Simplify Access Security upgraded technology.

Automation and Scheduling

Do you need to set your system up to automate entry times and permissions? With easy automation and scheduling, you can do all of that with a few clicks of the mouse. Manage access efficiently, and leave less room for a security breach.

Remote Control

TTD can install Remote Access Control Systems. This allows you to turn access on or off from anywhere in the world. You’ll never have to worry about the safety of your organization with this option.


Benefits of Access Control

If you aren’t convinced yet, we have more benefits to tell you about. An access control system does more than protect your building. It gives you peace of mind about the safety of your team and assets. Not to mention, you’ll prevent many costly situations that result in damage and theft. The benefits are invaluable, but let us outline a few of them for you:

Activity Monitoring and Recording

In the event that something does happen at your commercial property, you have everything recorded. This is vital when working with law enforcement to catch threats. Our system integrates with many technologies, so you can easily manage your software in one location.

Smart Technology

Our access systems work well with smart technologies. This means you can automate or schedule different aspects of your business, such as alarms, thermostats, and more. By working with the industry’s top manufacturers, we ensure you always have the best of the best technology to protect your organization.

Employee Safety

The safety of your employees is priceless. An access control system verifies your team stays safe. You can easily prevent outside access, incorporate various security measures, and monitor visitor logs. In the event an emergency does happen, you can quickly alert law enforcement to dispatch and assist your team.

Higher Productivity

Did you know a team that feels safe and secure is more productive? An access control system has a lot of benefits for employees that lead to higher productivity. Some of those benefits include:

> Positive and easy user experiences
> Fewer alerts or distractions due to alarms or unauthorized visitors
> Knowing their work is secure
> Conveniently access buildings or departments

Multiple Locations

Do you have more than one location? That’s ok! Our systems can easily monitor each separate location while allowing you to manage access to all facilities and employees from one dashboard.

Video Integrations

At TTD Security Systems, our access systems easily integrate with our video surveillance systems. Our systems also work well with badging software. This allows you to have a comprehensive solution that monitors visitors visually and electronically.

Secure Your Business's Access Points

How can you protect both internal and external assets on your commercial property? The most comprehensive solution is the installation of an access control system. Access control gives you peace of mind regarding protecting your inventory, facility, and team. Call (678) 929-1719 to discuss your custom business security plan.


Biometric Access Control Systems

Fingerprinting • Retina Scan

Biometric systems are complex devices that read fingerprints, hands, or retinas to allow entrance. This is a lot like a card system but allows your team to not have to remember to carry a card.

Card Access Control System

Key Cards • Company IDs • Hotel Door Card Entry

Card access systems allow your team to present a key card to your system to gain entrance to the building. The system records every transaction so you always know who exactly is in the building and at what times. You can easily add or remove cardholders into the system so your company’s safety is never in jeopardy.

Keypad Access Control Systems

Keypad Door Lock • Entry Logs

A keypad access control system uses a keypad to control access to secure areas. Users enter a code to gain entry. It can be connected to a door lock, gate opener, or integrated with other security systems. It allows access only to authorized individuals and keeps a log of entry and exit times.

Managed Access Control Systems

#1 Advanced System • Monitored Remotely • Restricted-Key Systems

Managed access control systems incorporate video and voice intercoms to control access to a building or secure area. They use a combination of keypads, card readers, and biometric scanners to grant access. The video intercom allows for visual verification of visitors and the voice intercom allows for two-way communication. These systems can be managed and monitored remotely. They also allow for different access levels, schedules, and provide logs of entry and exit times.

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What Are Access Control Systems?

Your First Line of Defense

An access control system is the first line of defense for your property’s security. It is an electronic system that allows people to enter your building without being verified by an actual person. Many systems allow you to control who enters the building or secure spaces and set specific times of availability. 

There are several types of access control systems. Your options may include: 

  • Door access control systems
  • Biometric access control systems
  • Access control card systems
  • Managed access control systems
  • Hosted access control systems

When using an access control system, you have continuously monitored surveillance of everything that happens in your building. You also have detailed logs of who accessed your information, property, or various areas of your property. This is especially important in case of theft. 

Top Tech Access Control CCTV Security Solutions

Why Do You Need an Access Control System?

Stop Any Threat to Your Business
Card access security

There are many reasons an access control system would be beneficial for your business. For example: 

Stolen Property 

If you have a situation where something is stolen and you don’t have a record of visitors, what will you do? In these situations, you risk losing everything permanently without recourse because there isn’t a way to determine who took your property. 

Unethical Current or Previous Employees 

Did you know 90% of business theft is from employees? An access control system makes it considerably more difficult for employees to steal from your company because everything is recorded. Access is monitored and when you integrate the system with other technologies, they are documented electronically and visibly.

Angry Customers 

Though it’s not a common occurrence, sometimes people you work with become angry and threaten your organization. This could be from a bad experience with an employee. Or maybe someone didn’t receive the outcome they expected and wants revenge. 

An access control system prevents people like this from accessing your building and your team. In addition to blocking access, when paired with video surveillance, you have concrete evidence of the threat to your organization or employee.

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