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Did you know that the annual crime rate for property theft in Georgia is around 189,000 instances? As an owner, manager, or landlord, you know you need a strong security system. Not only will it help everyone feel at ease, but it will also ensure you have low tenant turnover.

Apartment security systems are complex and sometimes daunting to consider. There are hundreds of security systems and companies out there, so how do you choose one? Do you really need a system that covers everything or are apartment security camera systems sufficient? Keep reading below to get the answers to your questions and discover why you need a comprehensive security system today:

What Are Security Systems for Apartment Buildings?

An apartment security system is the software, equipment, and other measures taken to mitigate and manage risks at an apartment complex. These security systems can be simple or complex, depending on the needs of each individual building. For example, a building with 50 units will need a higher level of security than one with four units.

Benefits of an Apartment Security System

There are many benefits to installing an apartment security system, ranging from peace of mind to intruder prevention. Not only does a security system protect your team members and other assets, but it also helps your tenants feel more secure. These are important when running an apartment complex. Other key benefits of apartment security systems includes:

Improved Tenant Trust and Experience

Tenants are much more loyal and respectful when they feel their safety is a priority. Building trust with tenants can take time, but installing a security system is a big step in the right direction. It also creates a better experience when they trust the property management team.

Less Liability

A security system makes you less of a liability with insurance companies, but it also may protect you in a lawsuit. If you have taken the proper measures to protect your tenants and their belongings, you’re much less likely to be at fault when theft does happen.

Higher Property Value

An apartment complex with a security system has a higher property value. And people will generally pay more in rent when they know the property is protected. This is especially true for older tenants or those with young children. Safety is a priority and installing a security system will increase the value of your apartment complex.

Crime Prevention

Intruders and other criminals are often deterred from breaking in when they see the apartment complex has a security system. This is also true for employees or tenants who may try to steal from other tenants. A security system lets everyone know you mean business about the safety of your building and its occupants.

If an emergency does happen, you have video surveillance to provide to law enforcement. This is important to prosecute intruders or criminals that did somehow enter your building. As strong as your security system is, a tenant could bring someone home who has ill intentions. A security system ensures you have proof.

Higher Curb Appeal

An apartment complex with a security system is much more appealing to potential tenants than one without. This is especially true in areas with high crime rates. A security system is a great way to make sure occupancy stays high.

Peace of Mind

Apartment security systems create peace of mind in a few different ways. First, tenants know that potential intruders are likely going to keep going when they see the surveillance cameras. Second, tenants also know the property managers have their safety as a priority and will find comfort in knowing their homes are monitored 24/7. And last, it allows your employees to feel safe at work. This is important to keep employee turnover low and morale high.

What Is Included in Security Systems for Apartment Complexes?

Apartment security systems are complex. There are many factors that go into creating a security system to meet the industry’s specific needs. When you work with TTD Security Systems, your system may have one or all of the following components:

Video Surveillance

Apartment complex security cameras are a must for most systems. Surveillance allows apartment complex owners or managers to constantly monitor what happens on the property. This is helpful in keeping tenants, your property, and employees safe. It’s important to choose apartment security systems with cameras.

At TTD Security Systems, our surveillance cameras have the following benefits:

  • License plate recognition
  • Crowd formation
  • Cross line detection
  • Missing object detection
  • Facial recognition

Our digital cameras capture high-resolution, crystal-clear images. For customers with analog systems, we collaborate to create a hybrid solution that will gradually become a fully digital one over time.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection is the security measures taken to protect the outside of the building. These security solutions often combine above-ground and below-ground sensors, lighting, gates, fences, and signage to let potential intruders know the property is under watch. This tends to deter potential crimes because intruders do not want to break into a building that is too complicated or where they are likely to be caught.

Security Maintenance and Repair

Security systems can last for years to come with the proper maintenance schedule. Preventive maintenance ensures your equipment and software are updated and working properly through regular assessment and repair.

Sometimes, the systems do malfunction and need repair outside of the maintenance schedule. TTD Security Systems offers both of these services to keep your security system in top working order.

Access Control

Access control solutions allow you to closely monitor the traffic in specific areas. TTD Security Systems has two options for access control: card or biometric readers.

Card readers use a device to scan the cards employees are assigned to allow or deny entrance. These are used on doors, elevators, cabinets, and drawers to protect sensitive information or assets. The database records every transaction so you always know who was present and when. You can easily add or remove users from the system to maintain a high level of security.

Biometric readers work the same way, only they scan retinas, hands, or fingerprints to allow or deny access. Both types of readers protect your assets and control who has access to them.

Fiber Optic and Data Cabling

TTD Security Systems employs FOA-certified technicians to install, splice, terminate, service, and test fiber optic cables. We also work with our data cabling partners to offer cabling, testing, and certification for up to and including category eight. With fiber optic and data cabling, you ensure high-speed and high-performance connectivity throughout the apartment building.

Why TTD Security Systems for Apartment Security Systems?

So, why should you work with us? Firstly, TTD Security Systems is committed to your safety. Our team works tirelessly to ensure your assets are protected. We work with industrial and commercial customers of all sizes and with all budgets. Learn more about why you should work with us below:

Professional and Dedicated Team

Founded in 2001, TTD Security Systems has served industrial and commercial customers for over two decades. Our team of experts provides a professional experience where you have peace of mind over your apartment’s security. We do not have minimum contract terms, so you are free to hire us for a few hours or a few years. We are here for your security needs.

Competitive Pricing

TTD Security Systems is confident you won’t find a better price than ours. We promise to meet or match any competitor's quote for comparable services. Our team of technicians manages the project from end to end, giving customers an exceptional experience at an affordable price. We work with industrial and commercial customers of all sizes with low and high budgets.

Customer-First Service Approach

We apply a service-first approach, prioritizing your satisfaction and safety. We design, install, service, and manage electronic and physical security systems. TTD Security Systems creates a scalable security system that will meet your current and future needs.

High-Quality Equipment

TTD Security Systems only works with the industry’s top manufacturers. We are proud of the security systems we design and know that working with the best brands is the way to accomplish this. Some of the brands we partner with include:

  • American Dynamics
  • Tyco JCI
  • Milestone
  • Genetec
  • Kantech
  • Exacq
  • Software House

Each customer has a unique set of security needs, so we utilize a variety of equipment and software to design the perfect network. Working with TTD Security Systems will allow you to have a cost-effective, personalized security system for your apartment complex.

Get Started With the Best Apartment Security Systems Today

Are you ready to take your apartment security system to the next level? TTD Security Systems is available the same day and ready to design the perfect system to meet your building’s needs. Our end-to-end project management works with you to design the system, then our technicians take it from there.

Our team of experts is ready to provide a seamless experience where you don’t lift a finger. Contact us at 678-840-2215 today for more information or to schedule your consultation.

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