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High-Rise Security Systems 

As the owner or manager of a high-rise, you understand the building comes with unique security needs. Whether you need to control access to the building or protect your digital assets, you know you need a security system that meets all those requirements. TTD Security Systems understands the specific needs of high-rise buildings and creates customized solutions for each customer. Read more about security systems for high-rise buildings below: 

What Is High-Rise Security? 

High-rise security is measures taken to protect a high-rise building from natural and human threats. These range from natural disasters to intrusions. High-rise security systems are designed to prevent, mitigate, or minimize a variety of threats. This can be through access control or surveillance systems. 

TTD Security Systems creates a security system specific to your company’s needs. Our team of certified technicians works with you, leading the project from start to finish. Our security maintenance and repair services make sure your system remains operational at all times. You can contact us at [email protected] for more information. 

High-Rise Building Risks: 

High-rise buildings have a variety of risks. These range from cyber threats to physical. We’ll go into more detail below: 


Unauthorized or unwanted visitors are a common problem with high-rise buildings. This is a major security threat to not only guests and visitors, but also your employees. Everyone who enters your building needs to feel protected and secure. Installing a high-rise security system is a great way to make sure intruders are kept out. 24/7 monitoring will alert you to attempted access so you can quickly issue a response. 

Multiple Access Points 

High-rise buildings have multiple access points that intruders can enter from. A security system can allow only authorized persons to enter specific areas, greatly decreasing the chances of unwanted visitors. When you install a security system, you can include access control to make sure the flow of people coming and going is who you want. 


Emergencies happen at any time. These range from fires to intruders. With a high-rise security system, you can make sure emergency responders are alerted quickly to assist your guests and employees. With 24/7 monitoring, you can also assess the situation should an alarm sound to determine the best course of action. 

Benefits of High-Rise Security Systems: 

You may be wondering what some of the benefits are of installing a high-rise security system. Not only does a security system give you peace of mind, but also helps everyone who visits your building to feel secure. Other key benefits include: 

Employees and Visitors Feel Safer 

You want your visitors to have a great experience. One part of that experience is making them feel safe and secure at your location. With a high-rise security system, your visitors will know you care about their safety, making the experience more sound so they come back. 

Employees also want to feel safe at work. When you have a security system, employees know they are protected and safe. This leads to a variety of improvements in productivity and morale. Employees who know their employer cares about their safety are also more loyal. 

Protect Your Data and Digital Assets 

Your digital assets and data must be protected. With a comprehensive security system, you make sure your information can’t be stolen. Cybersecurity measures prevent attacks, breaches, and other cyber threats that leave your employees and customers feeling vulnerable. 

Stop Intruders or Unauthorized Visitors 

As we’ve already mentioned, a security system will stop unwanted and unauthorized visitors from entering your property. This will lead to a decrease in thefts. Whether you want to prevent internal or external theft, a security system will deter most people from stealing your physical and digital property. When they know they are being monitored, the appeal lowers greatly.

In the event that something is stolen, you will have video surveillance to give to law enforcement. This will go a long way in prosecuting the offender or possibly recovering your stolen property. 

Enable Quick Response in Emergencies 

False alarms are the majority of emergency calls to first responders. However, what happens when you have a real emergency? With a security system, you can quickly review footage to determine if law enforcement should be called or not. This is true for all types of emergencies, from robberies to fires to natural disasters. 

Lower Insurance Premiums 

Did you know a high-rise security system can possibly lower your insurance premium? When you have a security system in place, your building is protected. This makes your company a much lower risk than others and may result in a lower premium. 

High-Rise Fire and Security System Offerings at TTD Security Systems: 

TTD Security Systems offers a range of security products and services to protect your high-rise buildings. You can learn more about each below: 

Video Surveillance 

Our digital surveillance products provide high-resolution video and imaging so you never have to wonder what is happening on your property. You can easily access the cameras and footage from your mobile device or a computer, so you can check out what’s happening on the go. 

If you have an existing analog camera system, we can help you transition to a fully digital one. Our hybrid solution combines the two to create a security network that uses software, digital surveillance, and analog cameras to protect your property. 

Access Control 

TTD Security Systems has both card access and biometric readers. You can easily install access control readers at entrances, doorways, elevators, and more. This ensures only the people you want in specific areas are allowed in. Our database records every transaction, so in the event that something happens, you have a record of who was in the area. 

Our biometric readers use retina, hand, or fingerprint scans to allow or deny entrance. We also recommend our clients use restricted keys and can help you obtain them. This is to ensure people cannot duplicate keys without the proper credentials. 

Perimeter Protection 

The first step in stopping unwanted access is to control and protect your perimeter. These systems include sensors, lighting, and gates. Depending on your property, we can create a customized security package that will provide a solid first line of defense to stopping intruders. 

Security Maintenance and Repair 

As much as technology helps our world, it can cause chaos when it stops working. We offer security maintenance and repair services to ensure your systems never stay down. Our team is often available on the same day, so if your system malfunctions, we can fix it quickly. Your safety is our first priority.

Oftentimes, devices or equipment need repairing. We also offer this service to keep your devices working properly for many years. 

Fiber Optic and Data Cabling 

Fiber optic and data cabling are popular solutions for high-rise buildings. Our team offers data cabling, testing, and certification for up to and including category eight. We employ FOA-certified technicians who complete installations, terminations, splicing, servicing, and testing of fiber optic cables. 

Some of our data-cabling partners include: 

  • Commscope
  • Belden
  • CSI
  • General Cable
  • Leviton
  • Panduit

Fiber optic cables are the best option for high-rise buildings. They enable quick transmission speed across long distances. Installing these cables ensures your team is always connected and gives your guests a memorable experience. 

Why You Should Work With TTD Security Systems for High-Rise Security: 

TTD Security Systems has a customer-first approach to make sure your needs are met while maintaining 100% satisfaction. We aren’t happy unless you are. We are often available same-day so you never have to worry about your system not functioning properly. A few other reasons you should work with us include: 

20 Years of Professionalism 

Founded in 2001, TTD Security Systems has always applied a service-first, holistic approach to security. We service industrial and commercial customers in need of physical and digital security and data and communication solutions. Our team manages the project from the initial stages to completion, ensuring our solution meets your current and future security needs. 

We Work With Top Brands 

We work with some of the industry’s top manufacturers to create a high-quality security system for each of our customers. A few of the manufacturers include: 

  • American Dynamics
  • Genetec
  • Milestone 
  • Exacq
  • Tyco Cloudvue
  • Software House
  • Kantech

You can rest assured your security system has the best devices and software available. 

Competitive Pricing 

TTD Security Systems offers competitive rates. We’re so confident you will love your security system and our service, we’ll match or beat any competitor’s quote for comparable services. We customize each customer’s security package, so you never pay for something you don’t need. We work with industrial and commercial customers of all sizes and work with any budget. 

Install Your High-Rise Security System Today

If you are ready to protect your high-rise building, we are here to assist. Our team of professionals will design, install, and manage a high-rise security system that meets your unique needs. With our end-to-end project management, you don’t have to worry about anything throughout the process. Please contact us at 678-840-2215 to get started.



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