Security System Project

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Cinespace Studios

Eue Screen Gems Studio location


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Cinespace Studios

Unified Security Platform

Implemented the GENETEC Security Center for seamless security integration.

Advanced Surveillance

Enhanced surveillance with new AXIS Dome and Panoramic cameras.

Efficient Access Control

Added multiple access doors and vehicle gates for streamlined control.

Tailored Solutions

Customized security to fit the unique needs of Cinespace Studios, ensuring both security and operational ease.

Project Overview

Cinespace Studios

We were part of an exciting project to expand Cinespace Studios in Atlanta. Cinespace Studios is a top-notch 35-acre campus with 357,000 square feet of space for making movies and shows. This includes three new sound stages, each covering 20,000 square feet, specially designed for filming. The campus also has offices for production work and facilities for editing and post-production tasks.

Our job was to upgrade the security systems at the studio. We chose the GENETEC Security Center for this task. It's a system that brings all security features together in one easy-to-use platform, making sure everything stays safe without causing headaches.

During the project, we added new AXIS Dome and Panoramic cameras to the existing setup. We also installed more access control doors and two extra gates for vehicles. This made the security system even better, integrating everything smoothly and making sure the studio stays safe while still being easy to manage.

Eue/Screen Gem Studios Building - Security Work Done for themEue Screen Gems Studio location