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Evermore Resort

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Evermore Resort

Total Surveillance Coverage

Our system blankets every corner of Evermore Resort, including guest rooms and outdoor areas like the CONRAD Hotel by Hilton.

Advanced Integration

We seamlessly merge American Dynamics Victor with video edge Surveillance system and Software House CCURE card access and alarm monitoring for optimal security performance.

Guest-Focused Security

Our solutions prioritize security without disrupting the guest experience, ensuring a seamless stay at Evermore Resort.

Full Project Involvement

We were deeply engaged from inception to installation, tailoring security solutions to meet Evermore's specific needs for unmatched peace of mind.

Project Overview

Evermore Resort

Our team had the opportunity to build the security system for Evermore Resort in Orlando from scratch. This involved setting up various electronic security solutions to keep the resort safe and secure. 

One key aspect was installing an American Dynamics Victor surveillance system with video edge technology. This system was integrated with the Software House CCURE card access and alarm monitoring system to provide comprehensive security coverage.

We made sure that every part of the resort, including guest rooms and outdoor areas, was covered by surveillance cameras. This included ensuring security coverage for the new CONRAD Hotel by Hilton within the resort premises. Our goal was to create a secure environment without inconveniencing guests, ensuring their safety and privacy throughout their stay.

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