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Commercial Video Surveillance Systems vs. Physical Security Guards

Commercial video surveillance systems are a popular topic among commercial and industrial clients. What company is the best? Do I need a digital system or is my traditional security sufficient? Aren’t my security guards enough? In short, more than security guards are needed for commercial and industrial businesses. Commercial security camera systems offer a lot […]

How Crowd Management Technologies Can Help Assess Commercial Security Needs in Orlando, FL

Crowd incidents are more common than most think, and they can be a real concern for those prioritizing their commercial security. Many studies have been conducted on how to maintain crowd safety control in public venues and commercial buildings. Current commercial security practices leverage several technologies that maintain crowd safety, such as an access control […]

Benefits of Upgrading Your Business Security Camera System

Were you aware that a business with outdated security systems loses 47% more money than those with updated systems during a data breach? As a cost-conscious business owner or leader, this should raise red flags if you have an outdated business security camera system. Luckily, it’s an easy fix. Simply invest in an upgrade to get your […]

How to Improve Hotel Security With New Technology

Nearly 31% of hospitality companies have reported a data breach. The average cost of a data breach in the industry is around $3.4 million. That price doesn’t include the loss of customers or the lack of trust they’ll have in your company after a security incident. Companies can prevent these costly situations with improved hotel security measures. […]

How to Secure Your Server Room

The increased digital activities have led to the data center industry growing to over $2 billion annually. With the growth of digital lifestyles, more and more companies are seeing the importance of server room security. It’s essential to protect businesses and customer information. A company’s digital assets are just as critical as the physical. Businesses […]

Your Guide to Warehouse Security Systems

Learn More About Warehouse Security Systems Did you know 75% of employees have admitted to stealing from their employer? As a business owner, that number should shock you, especially since there are ways to prevent and mitigate theft in the workplace with a security system. If you operate or manage a warehouse, you know it’s impossible to […]

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