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Did you know 75% of employees have admitted to stealing from their employer? As a business owner, that number should shock you, especially since there are ways to prevent and mitigate theft in the workplace with a security system.

If you operate or manage a warehouse, you know it’s impossible to keep an eye on all employees and inventory at all times. Or is it? With a comprehensive warehouse security system, you can boost your ability to monitor people and stock to reduce losses.

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What Is a Warehouse Security System?

A warehouse security system is the processes, systems, tools, and technologies used to protect the warehouse, its employees, and the inventory from various risks. A security system can include cameras, access control, perimeter protection, data controls, and more to create a comprehensive system that covers all risk areas. Warehouse security systems focus on people, inventory, processes, compliance, and risk mitigation.

What Are the Security Risks and Weaknesses in Warehouses?

As a warehouse manager or owner, you know a warehouse has extensive risks and weaknesses. Not only do you have to worry about theft, but also the many different compliance requirements. Read about the biggest risks warehouses face below:


There are two sides to the theft risk, internal and external instances. Most warehouses have several touchpoints where external theft can become a problem. This includes the supply chain and distribution process. External theft could also be someone breaking into the facility to steal inventory or hacking your system to retrieve data.

Internal theft is where employees steal. This is, unfortunately, a prevalent issue in warehouses. Employee theft can start small and quickly become a several-thousand-dollar issue for a company.

A comprehensive security system can help mitigate all forms of theft. It’s critical that companies combine training and streamlined processes with a security system to maximize safety.

OSHA Incidents

Many warehouses are dangerous environments with a lot of regulations and training requirements. OSHA standards are strict and must be followed. With a comprehensive security system, you can position your warehouse for successful OSHA audits and create a safe environment.

Some of the most common OSHA incidents include the following:

Of course, the most important aspect of reducing OSHA incidents is proper training. Combined with a security system? You’ll see massive improvements in no time!


Humans and nature can both create disasters in the workplace. A natural disaster is unavoidable if it happens. But with the proper processes and systems in place, the aftermath can be greatly reduced.

People make mistakes. It’s just what humans do. That’s why a security system is important in a warehouse, to help leaders monitor their teams and resolve errors as they arise.

Elements of a Security System for a Warehouse:

You’re probably wondering what a warehouse security system is composed of. Companies can use one or all of the following components to make up a security system, depending on their specific needs. Read more about each element below:

Warehouse Security Camera System

A camera security system is one of a warehouse security system's most popular and common aspects. It allows you to monitor what employees do, if someone tries to enter the premises, and more. Security cameras also keep footage for various timeframes, allowing you to return to incidents if needed.

Access Control

An access control system uses card or biometric readers to allow or deny entrance to your facility. You can use these at any entrance, door, elevator, or cabinet where a higher level of security is needed. This allows you to control who has access to more sensitive data. It also records every transaction so you know who may be responsible if an event does happen.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection combines several different security measures to prevent unauthorized entry to your warehouse. This could include lighting, alarms, access control, gates, fences, and locked windows and doors. When combined, these aspects work together to prevent people from gaining access to your property and assets.

Data Protection

Data protection and internet security are more critical than ever. That’s why data cabling and fiber optic solutions are key components of a security system. These allow for fast and secure data transfer.


Alarms are a critical aspect of a security system. These alert both the owners/managers and law enforcement if someone enters the property without approval. While sometimes false alarms happen, there are measures companies can take to reduce these happenings.

Benefits of a Warehouse Security System:

So, what are the benefits of having a warehouse security system? While there are numerous advantages to installing a security system, we simply can’t list them all here. However, you’ll find the benefits our customers are happiest with below:

Reduce Inventory Shrinkage

Inventory shrinkage is a concern for any warehouse. Security systems help reduce this because internal and external theft is much more difficult with one in place.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows you to drop in from anywhere to check on your staff. This means you can travel for work without worrying about if things are going smoothly. It also lets you quickly review an incident to determine the appropriate response.

Optimized Processes

Many security systems help to streamline overall operations and processes. This helps the warehouse to be more efficient and effective. In turn, this allows employees to be more productive. A comprehensive security system has a positive ripple across your warehouse.

High Level of Safety

A security system strengthens the safety of your warehouse. When employees know they are being monitored, they are more likely to follow the rules and less likely to steal. It also helps with compliance because management team members can quickly identify issues.

Documented Incidents

In the event of an accident, theft or a break-in, a security system ensures you have documented proof of what happened. This not only helps you prosecute the person responsible, but it also helps you to determine what happened to prevent it from happening again.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Did you know many insurance companies will lower the premium for a warehouse with a security system? This is because the risks are significantly reduced in these warehouses, leaving them less of a liability for the company.

Warehouse Security System FAQs:

Many of our commercial and industrial clients have the same questions about warehouse security systems. You’ll find them and their answers below:

What Is the Best Warehouse Security System?

The best warehouse security systems are the ones that best fit the client’s needs. At TTD Security Systems, we customize each solution for our clients. This ensures they are fully protected from the risks that are unique to their industry. It also allows them to create cost-effective solutions with only the aspects they’ll actually use.

What Is the Best Camera Security System for a Warehouse?

Warehouses have several options for security cameras. With our digitally-charged world and ever-changing technologies, we usually recommend digital cameras that are easily adaptable. Modern security cameras use drones, 360 cameras, and bullet cameras to create an integrated system that monitors warehouses at all times.

Do All Warehouses Have Cameras?

It would be difficult to find a warehouse without a camera system. Warehouses see many benefits from security cameras that help reduce theft, lower insurance premiums, and save costs. Call TTD Security Systems at 800-404-1263 to learn more about how security cameras can help your warehouse.

How Can I Further Reduce Risks in My Warehouse?

Many warehouse risks can be prevented or eliminated through proactive processes, systems, technologies, and tools. There are numerous risks associated with operating a warehouse and staffing employees, so training is also critical in avoiding risks.

How Much Is a Warehouse Security System?

The cost of a security system for your warehouse depends on a few factors. First, the size of the warehouse and the number of facilities will play an essential part in determining the price. Second, the elements you include in the system are also important. A smaller facility with only security cameras will be considerably less in cost than a company with five facilities and all aspects of a security system.

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