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Do you Need Commercial Security Systems in Orlando, FL?

Are you looking to repair, integrate, or update your commercial security systems in Orlando, FL? At TTD Security Systems in Orlando, FL, we aim to provide an outstanding experience for customers, propelling us far above our competitors.

There are many advantages of hiring TTD Security Systems in Orlando for your commercial security system needs, including:

  • Our expertise and experience
  • We only use advanced technology for enterprise and commercial security systems in Orlando, FL
  • We provide customized solutions for commercial and industrial customers
  • You’ll get 24/7 support for commercial security systems in Orlando, FL
  • We partner with the industry’s top brands
  • We work with numerous high-end industries, like high-rise buildings, complexes, hospitals, government buildings, and more.

TTD Security Systems in Orlando, Florida, is here for your commercial security needs. Give us a call at 800-404-1263 to get started. Keep reading below to learn more about security systems in Orlando, FL!

What is a Comprehensive Commercial Security Systems in Orlando, FL?

A comprehensive commercial security system in Orlando, FL, includes a system of processes, devices, software, hardware, and protocols used to protect a commercial or industrial business. When building and repairing an enterprise-level security system, the purpose is to not only protect a business against risks but also mitigate them altogether.

A comprehensive security system in Orlando includes many elements, which we’ll discuss below. Every business has its own set of unique security needs. Because of this, TTD Security Systems in Orlando works closely with each one to craft a personalized solution that protects their business the way it needs. Call us at 800-404-1263 with any questions or if you’re ready to get started!

What Commercial Security Services Do You Offer in Orlando, FL?

A strong, comprehensive security system includes many elements working together to protect all areas of operation. When TTD Security System takes on a new customer, we thoroughly evaluate their property to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. We also discuss any concerns or issues with key stakeholders to get a full picture.

Once we have the insight we need, we craft a customized security solution that addresses all of these issues. A commercial security system typically includes more than one of the following:

Commercial Security Doors 

Commercial security doors are beneficial for many industries, but not necessary for all types of businesses. These doors are designed to keep intruders out and protect those inside from any danger coming in. These are often used at universities and schools or other places where shootings could occur.

Commercial Security Cameras 

Commercial security camera systems are one of the most common elements of commercial security systems. Nearly all companies have this incorporated into their security solution. Commercial security cameras record everything that happens inside and outside of your commercial or industrial building.

TTD Security Systems only uses the top cameras in the industry. Some of the features of our digital cameras include:

  • Facial recognition
  • License plate recognition
  • Missing item detection
  • Crowd formation
  • Cross line detection

Our cameras produce crystal-clear, high-resolution imaging. If you have a traditional, analog camera system, we can help you with a hybrid solution that gradually replaces outdated equipment with our top-notch devices. Contact us today to learn more.

Commercial Perimeter Protection 

Perimeter protection is key to protecting the outside of your commercial or industrial building. With this solution, our team devises a strategy to protect your property with fences, sensors, cameras, access control, and lighting.

Strong perimeter protection is the first step in protecting your business and property. We recommend this as an element of most commercial security systems.

Commercial Fiber Optic and Data Cabling 

TTD Security Systems utilizes commercial fiber optic and data cabling to create a high-speed, highly secure network for businesses. Our offerings include data cabling, testing, and installation for up to category eight. Our FOA-certified technicians provide the expertise your business needs to ensure proper fiber optic and data cabling.

Commercial Maintenance and Repair 

An aspect of a strong commercial security system that many people overlook is the maintenance and repair components. To maintain the functionality and longevity of your system, you want to ensure it has the proper maintenance each year. These inspections help to identify issues that become costly problems if ignored.

Why is TTD Security Systems One of the Top Commercial Security Companies in Orlando, FL?

TTD Security Systems in Orlando is one of the best providers of commercial security systems in Orlando, Florida. With over two decades of experience, we have serviced commercial and industrial customers across the nation. By providing top-notch security systems in Orlando, FL, we have established a reputation for delivering the latest solutions utilizing the industry’s most current software and hardware.

TTD Security Systems in Orlando, FL, partners with some of the top brands in the industry to provide the best and most current equipment for customers. Some of our most notable partners include:

  • Kantech
  • CommScope
  • Genetec
  • Software House
  • Salto
  • exacqVision
  • Milestone

We only employ technicians with the best knowledge and skills, so our customers have peace of mind we can face any security challenge. By offering state-of-the-art technologies, we develop highly secure and effective solutions to meet the unique security needs of each customer.

We are a customer-focused company, providing 24/7 support to existing clients. When you work with TTD Security Systems, you gain a true partner for your business. We work closely with each customer to understand their business needs and security concerns. Using this information, we craft a customized security solution that protects what they value most. We’d love to help you, too. Call us at 800-404-1263 to get started!

What are the Benefits of Commercial Security Services in Orlando, FL?

It may seem obvious why a commercial or industrial company would need a security system, but there are far more benefits than most people realize. Read more about some of the top advantages of commercial security systems:

24/7 Protection 

Have you ever locked up your business and worried about leaving it? Maybe you had some sketchy people hanging around all day, or the business down the street was broken into recently. Whatever the reason, security concerns can make people lose sleep at night.

But with a commercial security system, businesses have 24/7 protection. Even when you don’t have eyes on your business, someone does, giving you and your leadership team peace of mind.

At TTD Security Systems, we have remote monitoring options so you can drop in and check out what is happening any time you’d like. This is an especially helpful feature when emergencies happen during your absence. Remote monitoring allows leaders to quickly assess situations and determine the best course of action.

Mitigate Crimes 

Intruders and those with ill intentions think twice if they see a property has a security system. With today’s advanced technologies, identifying and prosecuting criminals has never been easier. A security system could potentially save your business a lot of drama and costs through simple mitigation.

Not all crimes are internal. Employee theft is a huge problem that many businesses and industries face. Installing a security system also helps to reduce this kind of loss, potentially saving businesses significantly in costs. Employee theft costs employers $50 billion a year.

At TTD Security Systems, we understand the nuances associated with internal and external theft. We consider these when crafting customized solutions for our customers.

Access Control 

You don’t want anyone to have access to the most sensitive areas of your business, right? A security system helps businesses control who has access across the company. Whether it’s locked cabinets, rooms, or entire floors, access control can greatly decrease the risk of security concerns.

TTD Security Systems offers several solutions for access control, including biometric readers. Our devices monitor and record who enters and leaves an area at all times, giving you the insight you need to fully protect your business and confidential information and assets.

Rapid Response for Emergencies 

Unfortunately, emergencies happen all the time. These range from accidents to falls to medical situations. With a security system, it’s easier than it’s ever been before to contact emergency services. And in case of a theft or break-in attempt, law enforcement can respond in minutes.

Some criminals like to take their chances and steal anyway. With a security system, companies have the evidence they need to press charges against them. TTD Security Systems wants to help you protect your business! Call us today at 800-404-1263 to get started on your comprehensive system.

Monitor Cyber Threats 

Cyber threats are becoming more and more dangerous to business owners. Not only can you lose important information that’s costly to recover, but a cyber attack can make customers lose trust in your business.

At TTD Security Systems, we offer several solutions to help combat this and make your network more secure. We understand how important it is for employers, employees, and customers to feel safe in all aspects. Our team works closely with customers to ensure we incorporate these elements for businesses with computer networks used for business operations.

Call TTD Security Systems for Commercial Security Systems in Orlando, FL

Call TTD Security Systems for all needs related to commercial security systems in Orlando, FL. Our team of dedicated, knowledgeable technicians is available to discuss your project needs and manage them from end to end. We have the expertise you need to protect your commercial building, assets, and people. Contact us today to get started with commercial security systems in Orlando, FL.

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