How to Secure Your Server Room

The increased digital activities have led to the data center industry growing to over $2 billion annually. With the growth of digital lifestyles, more and more companies are seeing the importance of server room security. It’s essential to protect businesses and customer information.

A company’s digital assets are just as critical as the physical. Businesses must implement the appropriate data center security processes to protect their data. At TTD Security Systems, we help industrial and commercial customers with server security. Our team of security experts can craft a customized security plan to ensure your tangible and intangible assets remain safe. Keep reading to learn more about server room security:

What Is Data Center Security?

A data center houses many computers and other technical equipment that contain valuable data and digital assets. Data center security refers to a company's physical and cyber measures to protect the data center.

The physical security processes are as essential as the cybersecurity procedures with a data center. Data center security systems are created with various technologies and equipment that protect or limit access, maintain temperature, and monitor the center.

How To Secure a Server Room:

Servers store critical, sensitive data and backup systems for a company. A smooth-running data center means higher productivity and strong workplace processes and systems. Because of this, it’s essential to secure the server room with the maximum measures available. Some best practices for securing a server room include:

Maintain Proper Climate

Server rooms tend to run very hot. The equipment found in server rooms produces a lot of heat, meaning the climate can quickly get out of control. Maintaining the appropriate temperature ensures the systems do not overheat and crash.

Tools are available to monitor a server room's climate and alert administrators if it goes too high. Many of these tools also assess moisture in the air, which could lead to disastrous results if not addressed.

Control and Limit Access

A server room contains a lot of critical and confidential information. Not everyone should have access to the room or the contaminants. Utilizing an access control device can limit who has access to the server room. This will ensure the confidential data is only available to those who need access.

Secure the Server Room With Analytics and Video Monitoring

Installing video monitoring can add an extra layer of security to your server room. Video monitoring lets leaders see who enters the data center and what activities occur. This is especially beneficial if something does happen, such as theft or unauthorized access. Video footage will show who was present in these situations.

Implement Digital Security Measures

There are numerous digital security practices a company can implement to protect a data center. Some of those include the following:

Digital security measures are essential in protecting a data center. Depending on the data center, some digital measures may be more appropriate than others. If you’re unsure how to protect your data center best, TTD Security Systems is happy to assist. We can discuss your security needs and develop a customized quote. Call us today at 800-404-1263.

What Are Server Room Security Risks?

So, what are the risks associated with a server room? Not only are the physical aspects of the room at risk of flood, overheating, or water damage but there are also cyber risks. These include network threats or breaches. Read more about the common risks associated with server rooms below:

Network and Perimeter Threats

Physical and digital intruders are a threat to a data center. Both types of invasions can be catastrophic for your confidential information. Intruders typically have malicious intentions, such as stealing data or disrupting systems.

It’s critical a security system for the server room has proper measures in place to protect the perimeter and the network. Access control, perimeter protection, and network security solutions work together to protect the data center.

Unauthorized Access

You only want approved personnel to have access to your data center. This is to keep confidential information safe and lower the risks of theft or other issues. An unauthorized user in a data center can disrupt systems, breach the network, steal information, or damage equipment.

A strong security system will include access control measures to prevent unauthorized access to the data center room.


Most businesses have thousands of records housing customer data, business information, financials, etc. An ill-intentioned intruder could steal this information, causing havoc within your business. Not only would the company be at risk, but your customers would lose faith in its ability to protect their information.

When developing a security system for a data center, it’s critical to include processes and tools to prevent theft. This could be anything from perimeter protection to data cabling to access control.

Ways TTD Security Systems Helps With Server Security:

TTD Security Systems has many products and services available to maximize your server room’s security. Some of these offerings include:

Access Control

We offer businesses a few access control options to ensure that only approved personnel have access to the data center. Access control devices aren’t only used for buildings, they can also be installed on drawers, rooms, and elevators. We know how important it is to control who has access to the server room and will gladly help develop a solution including this tool.

Perimeter Protection

Protecting the building the server room is in is the first step in protecting the data center. Perimeter protection uses various security hardware to protect the outside of the building, including sensors, lighting, signage, fences, and gates. We combine physical and digital security tools to build a strong perimeter protection solution.


Surveillance options are great for data center security. TTD Security Systems offers several surveillance options that can be viewed remotely, allowing you peace of mind when on the go. Our surveillance equipment includes facial and license plate recognition, lost item detection, crowd formation, cross line detection, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.

Maintenance and Repair

If you want your security system to run smoothly and without downtime, it’s important to have regular maintenance. TTD Security Systems offers this service, allowing us to quickly identify potential issues and repair them before they become costly or unsafe. A regularly maintained security system is a strong security system.

Benefits of Hiring TTD Security Systems for Server Room Security:

TTD Security is a national security organization serving large companies and corporations. We are experienced in several industries, including hospitality, high-rises, and financial services. TTD Security offers a range of security products and services to maximize protection efforts for our customers. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of working with TTD Security for your server room security needs:

Professionalism and Experience

TTD Security Systems was founded in 2001. Since its inception, the company has strengthened its knowledge of security practices and processes to deliver outstanding customer service. We are experienced in serving industrial and commercial customers of all sizes, utilizing our expertise to identify the business’s needs and the appropriate solutions quickly.

Industry Expertise

TTD Security Systems has vast expertise across several industries, including the following:

We serve industrial and commercial customers of all sizes. If you don’t see your industry, call us, and we’ll determine how we can assist with your security needs.

Service-First, End-to-End Project Management

We take pride in having fully satisfied customers! We utilize a service-first approach to each project to ensure our customers’ businesses remain safe and protected. Our contract terms have no restrictions or minimum terms, allowing customers to leverage our services for as long as needed.

We manage each project from end to end. When you work with TTD Security Systems, you don’t have to worry about the details because we cover that for you. Our office offers competitive pricing and can work with any budget, so contact us today to get started!

Top Industry Partnerships to Provide High-Quality Equipment

You must have outstanding, high-quality equipment to have a truly great security system. TTD Security Systems partners with some of the industry’s top manufacturers to offer current equipment to customers. Some of our partners include:

For each solution, we create a unique system utilizing equipment from the above partners to create maximum security measures for our clients.

Get Started With Server Room Security With TTD Security Systems Today!

Are you ready to ensure your server room security is up-to-date? Server rooms have many associated risks, with disastrous results if breached. Companies must maintain a secure data center to protect themselves and their customers.

At TTD Security Systems, we are well-versed in protecting data centers. We deploy several security measures to ensure full coverage of server rooms. We are a nationwide company eager to support more customers. If you are ready to protect your server room, contact us today to get started!